Saturday, 26 February 2011

Winter Light

Winter Light
Since Christmas time I have been working on loosening up my style and injecting a little more colour into my work. I deliberately used warm and cool colour contrast here to liven up the picture, along with a little spatter and some spontaneous brush work. Can't wait to get stuck in to some new paintings.

Current Projects

One of the portraits for the show
Its that time of year again where my studio work takes a bit of a hammering. I'm tutoring several groups a week at the moment and inbetween those are talks and demonstrations for art groups. If that wasn't enough I am the principle artist for All Souls Operatic Society and time is fast approaching their main annual show, which this year is 'The Merry Widow' to be performed at the Halifax Playhouse from March 29th 2011. The show this year includes two painted backcloths (measuring 22 x 11ft), 2 large portraits (5 x 4ft) an embassy interior and a garden scene. Painting that size is extremely liberating but complicated due to the sheer scale. Yes there is lots of standing back involved and pondering over cups of tea. Members of the operatic help out where necessary and we generally have lots of fun in the process. It really is 4in brushes and large cans of Dulux! Roll on April when I can finally enjoy the spring light with my outdoor painting gear!!