Friday, 12 July 2013

Painting With Energy

Silver Birch, The Wharfe below, watercolour 22x15in. ©Paul Talbot-Greaves 2013

This painting is typical of one of my energetic paintings. Painting with energy is not about 
randomly beating a brush across a piece of paper (even though that may be what it looks like). It is a very controlled and channeled force where the individual 'zones' into full concentration, allowing the painting to flow. Here are some tips for painting with energy:

1 First, be comfortable with your painting approach. You cannot 'zone in' if you are asking yourself questions such as 'which colour should i use?' or 'How do I paint that tree?' Pick a subject with which you are confident!

2 Work big so that you can let expression flow.

3 Allow the excitement of the scene to generate fast flowing energetic brush marks. The energy can be likened to that of a child running with excitement at the seaside. Just let yourself go!

4 Stand up to paint. Use full flow of the arm to sweep brush marks into the work.

5 Keep the painting flowing. Work it up as a whole rather than concentrating on one area at a time. Allow some areas to dry whilst others can be wet, creating surprises and happy accidents!

6 Spatter paint or water at your washes

7 When you 'zone in' the painting will flow like magic as you make multiple rapid decisions. Nothing should disturb the deep concentration of painting in the zone, which is why painting at night can be a good idea.


Paul Talbot-Greaves

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